Welcome to Bakes & Lakes!

My name is Jenny and I am a proud Minnesota girl that firmly believes the kitchen is the most important room in the home. I have loved baking ever since I discovered my unparalleled love of pie. You may think you love pie, however I can promise you I am on another level.

  • Have you ever cried when opening a pie cookbook on Christmas morning? (I have.)
  •  Do you have an entire cabinet in your kitchen dedicated to pie supplies? (of course I do.) 
  • Do you celebrate Pi Day (3.14) on an annual basis? (don’t we all?) 
  • Do you have a definitive ranking of the best pie to the most average pie? (Cherry rules them all.) 

Through my pie obsession, I set out to master the perfect pie crust. Then, I wanted to perfect bread dough, then cookies, the list goes on and on. Baking became my passion, and Bakes & Lakes is my way to share that with all of you! (It is also a way to share recipes with my friends who feverishly ask me for them, you are welcome.)

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